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Poster Submission

General Information

Please select you poster number and a submission form will appear. Please upload your poster and MaizeGDB will post it on the 2013 Maize Meeting website and link it to your abstract in the MaizeGDB publication page.

Formatting instructions

Please upload either a power point presentation (.ppt or .pptx) or a PDF. If you are using a later version of Office please save as a ".ppt" file.
Please try and keep file sizes to a minimum. We only accept posters less than 5MB.
We will prepend the poster number to the name of the file you upload so choose an appropriate name of the file.

Example: Carson_Andorf_MM2013.ppt will be saved as P32_Carson_Andorf_MM2013.ppt

Please do NOT include any SPACES in your file name


Please upload your poster by May 31, 2013 to be included in the MaizeGDB database.

Please direct any questions to Carson Andorf .
To find your poster number, the 2013 Maize Meeting program is here.

Submission Form (.pptx or .ppt or .pdf file less than 5MB - see above for details)

Search by poster number:

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